Измами с печалба от лотария



На сигналната ни форма зачестяват сигнали от интернет потребители, получили мейли с печалба от лотария.

В съобщенията се твърди, че сте спечелили няколкостотин хиляди паунда или евро, като от Вас се изисква да се явите в тридневен срок в офис на банка /обикновено в африканска държава/ или да изпратите сума малко под хиляда евро за търговски агент, който да получи от Ваше име сумата и да Ви я предаде.

Това е пореден опит на "киберпрестъпници" да се възползват от наивността и неосведомеността на интернет потребители из цял свят.

Съобщението претендира да е изпратено от голяма и надеждна институция, използван е правилен английски език, близък до стила на банкови уведомления, като получателя се "притиска" с кратки времеви срокове.

Изпращачите са получили достъп до адресите на Вашите пощенски кутии, чрез търсене в открити източници в интернет пространството, чрез нерегламентиран достъп до бази данни на интернет сайтове или по друг незаконен начин.

За съжаление много интернет потребители се подвеждат и започват първоначална комуникация с "недоброжелателите", като изпращат свои лични данни, телефони, адреси, копия от документи и т.н.

Никога не отговаряйте на подобни съобщения, маркирайте ги като спам и ни сигнализирайте, чрез формата тук.


Ето как изглеждат част от спам съобщенията:

FIRST NATIONAL BANK (FNB)  Corporate Headquarters: 9th floor, 1 First Place First National Bank City Cnr. Simmonds and Pritchard Johannesburg, Gauteng 2001 Republic of South Africa Phone: +27-61-492-4XXX Fax: +27-86-546-3XXX Email: firstbnk@sXXXXXXa.com

Attn: Ivan Ivanov Ivanov, Dear Sir/Madam.   PAYMENT OF APPROVAL/TRANSFER OF GBP £650, 000.00 IN YOUR FAVOR:    Reference to your details received today. We wish to inform you that the sum which you won £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds).Has been approved in your favor as the beneficiary of the account holder. This was after the verifications of your claim form by the Exchange Control Regulation for transfer of account benefits/due to beneficiaries of lottery winning customers. Our international remittance department has been informed to initiate a telegraphic wire transfer of your funds £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds). To your nominated bank account in your country.   Furthermore, be informed that in compliance with the policies governing our Bank and that of our mother body, you are required to pay a total fee of £650.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty British Pounds Only) before the transfer process of your funds will be credited into your nominated bank account. You should be aware that the F.N.B. bank does not have any right to make any withdrawal or deduction of the above charge from your lottery price money.    This was because; the lottery money was insured in your name and therefore makes it illegal and a criminal act for anybody to make any deduction. Also the payment is in accordance with the First National Bank of South Africa (F.N.B.) international transfer policies and the F. N.B. Bank being a non-dollar account holder with your bank.   Be strictly advised that it pointless going from one extreme to the other only to rectify a particular issue. Please be highly informed that the First National Bank Management has limited time to tackle numerous activities within this year.  To this end, you are bound to adhere to the legal and managerial norms that govern all funds transfer before your fund among other funds can be validated for onward transfer. This management has its already drawn modalities/terms to be followed; therefore you have unreserved impetus to dictate.  It is either you abide by the legal norms of the First National Bank Management for your fund transfer or you forfeit the fund, which would be further diverted to the "Unclaimed Bills" treasury and further relinquished as the authorities may mandate... Note the South African Reserve Bank and the National Treasury (ministry of finance) together constitute the monetary authority in South Africa. The Reserve Bank acts, as the central bank for the country and its banking institutions, is co-responsible for formulating South African monetary policy, and is largely responsible for implementing this policy.  The Reserve Bank has a significant degree of autonomy in terms of South African Constitution and performs its functions independently, although it holds regular consultations with the ministry of finance. Its primary goal, as defined in the Constitution, is to protect the value of the currency. This requires the achievement and maintenance of financial stability.  In order to reduce the vulnerability of the international financial system, increase the worldwide effectiveness of anti-money laundering measures, and recognize the progress made in these areas, it is imperative that some legal document must be provided from the authorities.  The required money where meant to be use to procure all the relevant documents demanded by the AUTHORITIES and without the provision of the mentioned documents the fund will be confiscated and will further be transferred into the South African National Treasury Reserve Account as unclaimed funds. This is in accordance with the financial laws of this country hence the laid down protocols must be observed accordingly.                                                         


1.To visit us here in South Africa within the next 3 working official day for the payment of bank fee in person and also signs some necessary documents that will permit us to approve the transfer in your favor.  

2.To contact your agent and make the payment through her so that she will receive the money and represent your interest here both for the payment and signing of the papers in your favor. It is left for you now to choose either taking a trip to South Africa or you contact your agent (Mrs. FXXXXX MXXXXXXX), and pay through her.   Finally, be informed that the F.N.B. bank will not be hold responsible or any legal actions taken if you fail to claim your prize money within the stipulated period.  

Thanking you for your expected co-operation.  

Yours Faithfully,   Dr. AXXXXXX N. RXXXXXX.  (Payment Director, First National Bank Group)